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 Oji a.k.a. Kola nut : A national treasure.

One of my earliest memories takes me back to nursery school.

Every school day, my mum's driver, B, a nice and cheerful man, would drop my mum off at the office, then drive to a popular transport company and buy oji. He would then share it to us all, in the car. So, oji was on the menu, every morning. It was our little secret too.

Of course, I developed a taste for it. Thankfully, it wasn't readily available at home to feed that addiction or else, my teeth woulda become all crusted.

After B left, it became something I rarely ate.

I haven't eaten it since I was preganant with Nwando, because I read that oji could be dangerous for a foetus and deliberately stayed off it and kinda forgot it existed... Till today.

I still like it, only I've realised that it's not so special after all.

Moral of the story:

-  Always check the Bs, even if they are nice and full of laughs. It may not be oji, but something more sinister.

-  Every addiction can be broken, but  you have to be willing to admit that there is an addiction.