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Remi Ayorinde smiled at her reflection in the mirror. I look absolutely wonderful, for a sixty-year old. She turned her face from one side to the other. Satisfied with her inspection, she patted it gently. Of course, there are a few wrinkles here and there, but I’ve fared a lot better than most. She allowed the towel wrapped around her chest to drop and still looking at the mirror, she slowly turned around, looking her body over. When she faced the mirror again, her hands went up to cup her breasts gently, then a slow smile lit up her face. They are a tad fuller than I’m used to, but I must admit, they are perky! Her hands dropped and she gently ran her right hand over her belly. The fold she had always hated, on the lower portion, was gone. A tiny part of me misses that proof that those beautiful babies came out of me, all those years ago… A very tiny part, though. She giggled and ran her hands on both sides of her waist, before twisting to look at her back. Bye-bye, love handles and Sp…


“I love you.” There was no response for about two minutes after the message was read, so Femi Ayorinde frowned and sent another. “Please, say something.” “What do you want me to say? That you have a funny way of showing it? Or that I don’t think you’ve ever understood what love means?” He blew out a breath from his mouth. “Please, don’t be like that.” “Femi, have these years not meant anything to you at all?” “How can you say that? This situation torments me too, you know?” “Torment? Does whatever that word means to you, come close to how I feel, just by looking at your DP?” Femi sighed wearily and dropped his blackberry phone on the ledge of the bathtub. He closed his eyes before rubbing his left thumb and index finger over them. When he dropped his hand and opened his eyes, he picked up the phone and stared at the open chat. The smiling face he had used as his display picture stared back at him, her dimples winking at him. He gently rubbed his right thumb over her face, before typing, “You k…