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When you say your names to yourself, do they sound like you?
Do they remind you of who you are?
Did you have progenitors who the Holy Spirit gave the gift of sight?
Are they burdens or are they gifts?
Are those names you and are you them? 


My government name.
The name I identify with the most.
He gave me that name and called me "Golden Girl", so I understood from a very young age that I was special.
Heart FULL of gold.
Smelting gets gold purer, because the impurities are removed.
Yeah, I understand that.
I am gold, after all.
When the Smith applies heat, it only gets rid of trash and I get purer.
When the world brings on their heat, I melt, so I can take another shape.
Then, I come back stronger.
Did he know all these? 
Maybe. Maybe not.
I would never know.
I am her. Oh, she is most definitely me! 



What a name!
What a prophecy!
Mama had the gift of sight.
She knew, maybe not the details, but she knew.
"Ngosi" always made me sooo happy when she called me that.
I always thought that it was because I loved her so much and always heard the love in her voice when she called me that.
Now, I know why...
A bu m Nga O Si Di Mma.
Sometimes, to make it di mma, we go quiet and let our actions speak.
We don't smile.
We don't take prisoners.
We get a hammer and we scatter the bridges.
We get a matchet and we cut off all the links, then we take the chains to the Smith and they get melted away to nothingness.
The Holy Spirit gave Mama the gift of sight.
Nga o si di mma.
I am her. She is me. 




A declaration of faith, yet a fact.
Aunty Chi.
Aunty Chichi.
If you know me reach house, you would know one or all of these variants.
You would know that special one who gave the name to me.
You might even be one of those few who know me in my valleys and on my mountains... the ones who know that all the eyes can see is only because Chi na-emere m.
You would know that
Chi na-emere Olaedo
and that 
Chi mere Olaedo o buru Ngosidimma.
Was that her declaration too or did He let her know that it was mine?
I should ask.
I am her.
She is certainly me.
The song is the name and the name is the song.
Amara Ya bara uba n'ebe m no.
Amara Chukwu bara uba n'ebe m no.
Only one person calls me this name... the one who gave it to me.
"Mamas," she would always call me.
O bu Amara Chi mere Olaedo o buru Ngosidimma.
I am absolutely nothing without Amara Chi m, so I am certain that the name was inspired by Him.
Amarachi is me.
I am her. 
Name full of history...
Of a time long gone.
Of a place that once had my heart.
Of who I came from.
Given by one with a throne, who heard every morning, that he would live forever.
Same one that called me "Radio"
Tales by moonlight.
Alcohol mouthwash, lol.
Gunshots by midnight.
Complex family dynamics.
I don't know that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit.
I do know that
"In the light of a King's face is life and his favour is like a cloud of the latter rain."
That is enough for me.
When you understand that the people who came before you left pieces of themselves in you, anyone who dares to say that you are less than you are, gets to understand that too.
There is no letting them believe their lies.
That is not even an option.
Ada Ada Isiocha...
All me. 



You get to that point when you own who you are... When you look in the mirror and you love your face, your core and who you are evolving to be.
You know your worth and you are clear about what your priorities are.
You're not shy about expressing it too.
You just shine, shine and shine some more and whoever doesn't want to see it, there are always eye doctors to help with that.