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Whenever I send Nwando on an errand that I’m sure she can handle, and she quickly comes back to say that she couldn’t do it, I always tell her to go back to the chore and complete it. Each time that happens, she returns to the task, puts her back to it and is usually successful in the end. That always thrills her to bits. So, some time ago, I taught her to always pump a fist and say “I can!” when faced with any challenge. On rare occasions, I show her how she can effectively take care of whatever it is I have asked of her. At those times too, I get a fist pump and a victory shout from her.

That means that these days, when she tells me she’s not able to do a particular thing, all I need to ask is, “Do you remember?” before her face lights up. Then, she gives a fist pump and says, “I can!” and runs off to do what I asked her to do.
Yesterday, when we had such a moment, I remembered a Bible verse that had served me well on various occasions and shared it with her.
Phillipians 4:13 (NIV) – I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength.
Together, we recited it, till she learnt it by heart. This morning, when she recited it to me, without missing a word, we were both excited and laughing, she said, “Mummy, I can say it perfectly now.”
After a while, though, I started thinking deeply about that very popular verse of the Bible.

I always remember it when I’m overwhelmed with chores and other responsibilities. At those moments, I am reminded that because He’s actually the One that makes it possible, I should neither complain about the fact that I’m juggling a lot of balls at the same time nor worry that I just might drop one of them.
Whenever my strength seems to be failing, I say a quick prayer and boost up my spirit with that verse. For a long time, I’ve drawn comfort whenever it reminds me that I really don’t have to stay as weak as any circumstance has made me. However, today, I realized that I have been under-utilizing that verse.

When I am offended by someone and I choose to react in a manner that, in my thinking, is equal to that offense, I would, most likely, not act right. At those times, in a bid to rationalize my reaction, I usually say that I’m only human and can only take so much from anybody.
I realized this morning that such a reaction negates what that verse, that I love so much, says. This is because it speaks of a lot more than the physical and mental strength He gives me to face my tasks.
This morning, it struck me that it tells me that I don’t have to act human, even though I am.
It says to me that no matter what the offense to me is, if I choose to draw some strength from the One who was spat on, by the same people He chose to save, I would be able to overlook that offense, no matter how hard I think it is.

I now know that, the verse also tells me that whenever I’m alone, I don’t have to be lonely. It reminds me that He went away into the harsh wilderness for forty days and forty nights. He wasn’t lonely because He drew strength from the Father. That was why He could resist all temptation. That was also the reason He came out of there recharged, ready and able to do the work He had been sent to do.
So, now I know that whenever I am in any sort of desert, all I need do is draw strength from His word and I’ll be as right as rain.

When I’m tempted to tell anyone, in no uncertain terms, just how disgusted I am at their behavior, it’s easy to actually do so because, words have always come easy to me. However, this morning, that verse reminded me that if I ever stopped to remember that He sent the adulterous woman away with, “Go and sin no more.” and without another word of reproach, it would be easier for me to do the same. That wouldn't automatically happen, because of that sudden reminder. It would happen because I would know to ask Him to teach me how to stay silent when my words would neither calm nor heal, no matter how hard it is.

When I need strength in loving that ‘enemy’ or that annoying and very-difficult-to-please person, it would do me good to remember that on various occasions, He dined with tax collectors and sinners. This was because He had a goal which was so big that even the muttering of the people could not deter Him. It would also do me good to remember that to someone, I just might be the ‘enemy’ and that annoying, very-difficult-to-please person :)

I can make my smiles wider and more frequent.
I can hug more often and with both arms.
I can love deeper and more unconditionally.
I can be more patient even when it’s actually easier to snap.
I can talk more when there is a need for a lot of words.
I can keep silent when my words will not bless.
I can juggle even more balls beautifully, without dropping any and without complaining.
I can forgive even when I have received no apology.
I can eat healthier and work out as often as I should.
I can wear another’s shoes and learn how not judge them so harshly.
I can forget the pain of the past and enjoy the blessings of today.
I can tell only stories that others can relate to and be blessed by. That way, they won’t have to be lonely in this journey called life.
I can definitely deal with unpleasant or unexpected surprises because I know that if I searched hard, I would find the blessing that came along with them.
I can love, regardless of my feelings. This is because I realize that feelings vacillate a lot and don’t have so much to do with love.
Nothing good comes easy so e go hard, sha. But, I can! And so can you!

Phillipians 4:13 (AMP)- I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self- sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency]
I had never come across this version of that verse before today but, I think it explains a lot better, all I’ve been trying to say. The bottom-line’s that there are a lot of things that He did that we could emulate if we asked for wisdom on how to apply them in our lives. When that wisdom comes, it would do us all some good to pump our fists and say, “He could; So, I can!”


  1. This really blessed me; note to self! ...

  2. nelus6:50 pm

    Wow more grease to your elbow. You know, I have this bible verse on every wall in my house, at a time I and my two boys came up with a song just to cram it. The truth is that for abt 1yr or more we've not sang this song or even notice that paper on the wall. But I thank u for making me rem it once again. N it seems as if its what I really need now. Thanks again for making me understand more abt that verse. God bless you so much.

  3. KIKILICIOUS7:16 pm


  4. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Nice one dear.It sure made me reflect.and It brought to my mind the song I started the day with..I know I can be who I wanna be if I work hard at it..I'l be where I wanna,did my words,and actions today play out as I wld hav luvd it to?not hundred percent but right now making fist,I say I can be all that and much more through him that strengthens me!
    Ps.Incase my name doesn't show,it's Noma.

  5. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Thank you ola,this is what I soooo need right now, sometimes everything seems soo hard that we just want to give up, but if he could and you can, I CAN.cheers

  6. Ng; I thank God it did :)

    Nelus; You're welcome,dear :) God bless you loads too.

    Hazel; Yes o!!!!! You most definitely can!

    Kikilicios; Amen!! Thanks, sweetie. Yes, you can!

    Noma; Pumping a fist with you, jare ;) You can, dear.

    Anon 22:26; Yes, we can! Cos He could! That's the spirit.

    Toin; Of course, girl... you definitely can!


  8. I liked the way you taught your daughter that yes, SHE CAN. I try to encourage myself with the I CAN ATTITUDE in spite of all the challenges. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Che; You're welcome :)Yeah, 'I can' may only be two words but it works huge magic all the time! Keep it up.

  10. ChyNonye12:11 pm

    Ds jst gave me d reason 2 go on,ve a lot i want 2 achieve during my servive year,bt right now it jst seems as if am buging myself....Thank u!!!

  11. ChyNonye; You're welcome :) Don't ever give up, no matter how hard it may seem. God bless you.


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