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I really love cooking but there are times when I just don't want to bother with all of that. One night, a few nights ago was one of such times. All day, I had been extremely busy and by evening, all I could think of as dinner, for the Mister, was something simple that didn't need a whole lot of work. I finally settled on boiling some slices of yam for him to be eaten with egg stew.... Very easy meal.
A short while later, I realized that for some reason, the yam was ready but had black marks on them. Of course, black marks don't change the taste of yam nor have they ever killed anybody but, I didn't like how those slices of yam looked after all, eye must chop first.
However, while my husband is a man's man and as rugged as they come :), sometimes, he's a baby about certain things. (Babe, you know I love you still, right?)

Anyone who's married, for any length of time, knows that sometimes,  teeny weeny things become really big issues, if not handled tactfully . And honestly, I was exhausted and might not have done a good job of being a peace maker. I might even have pointed out that those marks were not a big deal, if they had been a problem for him. However, I had no energy for any kind of drama really. So, before I dished up his dinner, I prayed.
First, I told God to make him not notice those prominent discolourations. Somehow, that struck me as a deceitful prayer so, I revised it. This time, I asked God to make him enjoy his meal so much that he won't notice the black marks.

As I placed the food before him he took one look at it and said, "This is a sight for sore eyes (My words, jare. I can't remember exactly what he said... something similar, though). I smiled and sat next to him.
He saw the smile and said, "True, true. I haven't eaten yam for some time so, I'm sure I'll enjoy this meal." I smiled again.
After the first bite, he went, "This yam is really nice and the egg stew is wicked." Now, I started laughing.
At intervals, he paid compliments to the food and its chef.
With each comment, my laughter had become almost uncontrollable. The food was a bit more than he usually ate for dinner but, he kept eating. At a point, it was clear that he was really full. He looked very uncomfortable but kept eating. I actually felt pity for him. When he said, "Babe, I'm very full but I'm still eating because I know you don't like it when I don't finish my food", I laughed till tears came out of my eyes.
By the time he had about one tiny piece left, he offered it to me. This wasn't the usual "You can have the last morsel because I love you enough to share". Mba, my bobo could honestly not get that last piece in.... he was that full! He even left some of the egg stew for me. I cleaned up his plate, all the while laughing very hard.
The look on his face when I told him of that prayer was absolutely comical. I couldn't hold back the laughter. He looked both sheepish and affronted. Then, he looked sober when I added, "If I could trust God to handle a trivial matter of yam, why shouldn't I trust Him to handle my 'big' problems?"
That was certainly food for thought for me too.

So many times, we worry so much about the big issues in life. We pray and agonize over them. We often forget that the same One who takes care of the big problems, very easily, sorts out the little ones too. Those problems that we think we can handle ourselves often cause major irritation in our lives. They may seem very mundane but as long as they have the potential of making us uncomfortable, then, they are not our burdens to bear.
Someone could be praying about more money in the bank and in the pocket, while forgetting to pray that his eight-month old child prefers regular family meals to expensive tinned food.
Another could be praying that her husband stops that affair, with his colleague, while forgetting to pray to have a soft word for him and arms open to welcome him home.
Another could be praying to be able to do charity work while forgetting to pray to have enough love for his family.
Another could be praying fervently for a better job, while forgetting to give thanks for the one he already has.
It's been terribly hot across Nigerian cities, lately. A lot of us have prayed for the rains to start in earnest so that the weather would be cooler. How many of us have prayed for umbrellas and not to get caught in the coming rains?

In so many ways, our 'little' problems are directly related to the 'bigger' ones and a lot of the time, we don't even know it. So, feel free to send those prayers up.... nothing's too trivial. Whether, the answers come speedily or not, He does hear.
And while we're asking, let's not forget to give thanks for the blessings we have already received.

I'm thinking that, the next time there's less than perfect yam on the table, my husband would rebel against eating it, just in case I have some 'tricks' up my sleeves.
And, when that happens, I just might say a prayer again.


  1. Yes o! The awesomeness of God, he hears our prayers even when its the most trivial of things....may we never forget that!!! Nice read Ola...

  2. Anonymous12:05 am

    Nice one Ola.

  3. chiney7:24 am

    Nice one! Another pointer to the fact that we can bring anything and everything to God in prayer. What a wonder He is!

  4. Sugar8:42 am

    I always look forward to your write ups, and u def do not dissapoint in topics you dwell on, God is really using u to touch souls. Kudos to u girl. And yes Prayer is d ultimate power and i for one do know dt, cos dts d only way i gt my hubby to do things normally he would refuse.

  5. I can just imagine your hubby looking on sheepishly when you told him about the prayer. LOL. I have had to pray about my cooking before cos it wasn't turning out as well as i expected it to. And at the end of the day, it turned out just right. :-). It pays to involve God in the big and little things of our lives.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you right away.

  6. Thanks, Ng. Yes, He certainly does.

    Anon 00:05; Thanks :)

    Chiney; Thanks, dear. Echoing your sentiments, jare.

    Sugar; Thank you, darling. To God be ALL the glory. Smart chic ;)

    Che; The memory still makes me laugh. The look on his face? Priceless! Lol!
    Following you right back. I love your blog :)

  7. there is nothing that prayer cannot do. thanks for the reminder to pray about little things as well.

    first time here and a, loving your blog.

  8. Ogonnaya11:46 am

    Pray about every and anything. Thanks Ola and i'm sure you know what it is i'm gonna pray for...Wink wink

  9. Priscy; you're welcome. I've visited your blog too. I love!

    Ogo; Oya o.... Fire those prayers ;) ;) We need sharp sharp results :D

  10. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I truly enjoyed it.
    And its true, so many times we pray and don't believe that God heard our prayers.
    Or we pray and use our words, thoughts and actions to nullify the same prayers...God is always there to help us through the little things as well as the big things.

  11. Ema; You nailed it perfectly... Not only do we have to believe, by faith, that God hears all our prayers. We also have to show through our thoughts and deeds after those prayers, exactly how deep our faith is.

  12. "If I could trust God to handle a trivial
    matter of yam, why shouldn't I trust
    Him to handle my 'big' problems?"

    Couldn't stop laughing though!

  13. Emeka; It was very funny to me too.... Still is :)

  14. colettoo12:04 am

    Still wearing a big smile right now cos I have had this experience several times even with prayers said we still get caught but what somehow they know u made efforts but ........the thing no come work so in exchange for the hardwork they just settle and take it down with much love ! Hahaahhaahahaha! Chai! Marriage get serious memories everyday! Olanwababy well done! I enjoyed it!

  15. Oluchi Ogazie12:01 pm

    i am definitely following your blog> luv luv luv it.

  16. Coco; Thanks, darling. No be small enjoying with love, ℓσℓ!

    Oluchi; Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoy my work.


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