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"I love you, mummy. You're the best mummy in the whole wide world"

Sweet, sweet words from Nwando. She's talked this way for as long as she could talk (and she started doing that really early). So, I'm used to that. We are two of a kind, really... My daughter and I. It IS uncanny how much of a mini me she is.

Anyways, hearing these particular words yet again, I looked into the mirror.

Nwando loves me very much and in her eyes, except when we're fighting :) , I can do no wrong. She has this complete trust in my mummy skills, a trust I don't always share. For now, mummy is on a pedestal. Would she always think this? When she's older, would she even like this woman staring back at me? Would she admire this woman and still be friends with her? Even when they hold different opinions about anything then, would they respect each other and not be disagreeable about it? Would she always want to come home, knowing she'd always have a confidant in her mother?

She is a princess; my princess. Am I a queen? Really? This daughter of mine, would she still be proud of me when she's seen a lot of the world?

Hmmm... No one prepares you for the responsibilities of motherhood. For being a mentor to people, so young and innocent who just believe that you are right, always so, they copy whatever you say or do. No one lets on to the fact that you could make mistakes which could scar them for life. You learn the complex ropes of parenting ONLY through your own experience. You find your own way. You stumble. You even fall. AND you stand up again. You just have to. You have no choice in the matter. Or do you?

Being a queen is not only about having the mien and carriage of royalty. It's not only about knowing and using the proper speech patterns in various languages. It's about kindness. It's about patience. It's about strength. It's about courage. A queen may be hungry but feed her family and others first AND not complain. She may have a thousand and one things to do, in a hurry, but would hold the hand of a child taking his first steps and walk with him. Her heart may be breaking into pieces but she would square up her shoulders and face the world with a smile on her face. She would sail on uncharted waters, face her fears, whatever they are, and conquer.

As l stare back at the one in the mirror, I see that despite her many imperfections, she's on her way to being a queen. This is because she has learnt to trust, absolutely, the One who holds her in the palm of His hands. She may stumble.
She will definitely fall but she will rise again. She will be crowned queen and she will teach her daughter to succeed her.

And then, when that little girl is a woman, she would look at her mother and say, "I love you, mummy. You're the best mummy in the whole wide world". And she will mean it too cos she'll know it to be the truth.


  1. Jenny Ekwueme2:36 pm

    She sure will be crowned Queen. Beautiful one Ola.u made me tear up reading this. Beautiful piece that speaks directly to my soul!

  2. Thank you, Jenny. I'm glad the post struck a chord with you. You will be crowned queen too ;)

  3. Simply stunning. Queen and really not thrown off my feet cos I knew and saw it runs in the fam. Great one,Girlie! Show it cos U've got it all!!!!!

  4. Ogoo... my sister from another mother. You've ALWAYS believed in me. Thank you!!!


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